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"i am the way"

Don't be good, be bad and gorgeous!

9/10/11 08:06 pm - listening to "Yael Naim - Toxic" on Blip


8/3/09 12:16 pm - listening to "red hot chilli peppers - scar tissue" on Blip

na onda musicas da pré adolescencia ahahha

8/3/09 12:09 pm - listening to "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge" on Blip

nossa, essa musica fez um sentido bizarro pra certas coisas agora hahaha

7/24/09 03:30 pm - listening to "Tequila Sunrise (Spanish Version) - Cypress Hill" on Blip

me sinto em um conversivel vintage embaixo de um sol forte quando ouço isso hahahaha

6/6/09 10:07 am - listening to "Like In A Gasoline Tank - Os Catalepticos" on Blip

pra acordar...?

6/6/09 10:02 am - listening to ""Leap the Frog" - AS DIABATZ" on Blip

adoooro, beijo pra clau!

6/4/09 01:26 pm - listening to "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning-Smashing Pumpkins - " on Blip

@Miss_Bella: "god I LOVE this song" it's been like ten years I don't hear about that hahah

6/4/09 01:25 pm - listening to "Do You Love Me - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds" on Blip

omg blip has video now? *in love*

4/17/09 04:37 pm - listening to "Toxic - Yael Naim" on Blip

bizarre britney covers night

4/17/09 04:36 pm - listening to "Womanizer - Lily Allen" on Blip

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